As a long-standing member of the Hong Kong community, David Dodwell is heavily engaged on a pro bono basis in a number of Hong Kong organizations. These include:


Hong Kong Forum

The Hong Kong Forum, affiliated to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York , is a public policy discussion forum focused on the gamut of major global trends and how these are impacting Asia in general, and Hong Kong and China in particular. Founded in 1996 by Tung Chee Hwa (who later became Hong Kong 's Chief Executive), is today chaired by Dr Victor Fung. David Dodwell is Honorary Secretary to the Forum.


British Chamber of Commerce


David Dodwell is Vice Chairman, Government Relations of the British Chamber, and member of the Chamber's General Committee ?.


HK General Chamber of Commerce


David Dodwell's primary involvement with the General Chamber is as Vice Chairman of the Coalition of Services Industries, which works as a discrete policy think tank for the Chamber. In this capacity, he has been heavily engaged in task forces on Competition Policy reform and Manpower Resource Challenges.


Business Coalition on Education

David Dodwell is convenor of the Coalition, whose membership comprises representatives from about 14 Chambers and business organizations committed to clear and coherent communication with the Hong Kong Government on education policy as it effects business.


Business and Professionals Federation of Hong Kong (BPF)


David Dodwell is a member of the BPF's task force on reform of Hong Kong 's health care sector, and in this capacity has been actively engaged in the current formal Government consultation process on health care reform.

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